"Gotta get ready for stage. Got 5 minutes before I’m walking on stage. 5 minutes! Then I’m walking on stage."





theverlivingghost: "Hey, I'm very new to the whole VyRT thing, and I just noticed you posted some screencaps from it that I'm assuming took place this evening, and I'm just wondering, is there any way of knowing when something is going to happen on VyRT, or is it just a case of being lucky and happening to be on at just the right time when they decide to make an appearance???"

Hi! Today’s VyRT was a kinda spontaneous thing that they do called VyRT Violet, which is usually just Jared on webcam so it’s not the full-on, high quality event that Carnivores will be. Your best bet is to follow VyRT on twitter, which is where they announce any events/chats etc. and they usually give us a couple of hours notice. Sometimes a regular chat with Jared turns into a VyRT Violet if we’re lucky, and hopefully there’s going to be more leading up to the event on September 15th (he mentioned maybe getting Linkin Park involved in a VV too)

Hope that helps, if there’s anything else you wanna know ask away! :)

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